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Payment World


Licensed in Europe

Paymentworld is a financial institution (E-money institution) licensed in Europe. As such, we meet the highest security standards for global payment transactions.

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Our solutions for you

We offer you comprehensive answers to your challenges in the payment sector. Let us help you develop new customer potential.

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Licenses of Payment World Ltd.


Paymentworld Europe Ltd. carries out its services in the field of monetary transactions on its own accounts and for its own account in accordance with its license. The license was notified within the scope of the Passporting Practice within the EU and the EEA. We offer our services on a worldwide basis.

The license in particular includes the issue of E-money, carrying out direct debiting and finance transfer transactions as well as processing credit card payments.

Payment World

Payment processing

We enable you to benefit from the use of over 400 different types of payment methods in more than 160 countries worldwide via the channels ECOM, MoTo, POS, mobile as well as virtual terminals. Here, we use our international network of banks and acquirers.

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Open your own eWallet account with us and also make this innovative means of payment available to your customers.

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As a Fintech enterprise we support all your efforts in operative, regulatory, and technical issues regarding payment processing, such as Instant Payments, PSD2, 4AMLD, MDES.

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eWallet for you and your customers


Paymentworld Europe Ltd. offers you a unique eWallet solution in the areas of B2B and B2C. Integration of our eWallet solution is quick and easy and adjusted to meet your own needs. Thanks to an intelligent management platform you are always in control of your applied eWallet solution and the associated cash flows. By opting for our eWallet product you will definitely be making the right choice. We offer you the following solutions:

  • Personal eWallet accounts (B2C)
  • Business eWallet accounts for merchants (B2B)
  • Membership programme eWallet accounts for partners, agents and affiliates (B2B)

The eWallet is easily integrated into the checkout of your payment points and can be used as a white-label product. Our eWallet solution is ideal for marketplaces as it allows you to offer the customer at your marketplace an exclusive payment instrument which is accepted in the entire marketplace and particularly suited for marketing campaigns (bonus programmes, credits, shopping vouchers).

eWallet, application example


eWallet for online delivery service

Your customers want to have the tastiest cheeseburger on their plate in thirty minutes—as quickly and uncomplicated as possible. This is a huge logistical effort! Starting with purchasing, over to production right through to delivery. Even if your customers have a clear idea of the process involved, the highest drop-out rates are measured in the area of payment methods. Having your own eWallet means that your customers can authorize their payment to you in advance. And, under extreme time pressure, your customers simply use their eWallet.

If you are a marketplace provider, your own eWallet now becomes very interesting.

eWallet, application example:


eWallet for online shops

Mobile first—this is the initial thought—the veritable credo—of almost all online sales platforms. But, when it comes to payment, the weaknesses of the established methods soon come to light. Awkward manual entering of credit card details and the danger of malware make it hard for your customers to have any confidence in the payment process.

Not so with eWallet! Here your customers authorize the payment simply by using their personal account login and the purchase process so that sensitive data can never even be stored on the device.

And the best part is: the integration into your online shop both easy and secure due to a modern programming interface (API).

Payment World

Our payment gateway offers you the technical integration of over 400 payment methods in more than 160 countries. This creates the basis for an increasing customer growth. It is the prerequisite for a successful internationalisation of your business.

Credit card processing

Credit card processing

We ensure the complete processing of your credit card transactions for all standard credit card companies worldwide. And, we support you from integration at the Point-of-Sale via eCommerce right through to the integration of payment Apps.

Logos: Kreditkartenabwicklung

Alternative payment methods

You can increase a customer’s acceptance of your offer and acquire new customer groups with the right mixture of payment methods. By integrating your customer’s preferred regional payment methods, you can actually increase your customer potential by as much as 30%.


SEPA direct debit

The SEPA direct debit procedure was introduced by the European Payments Council to ensure a standardised payment infrastructure within the European Union. Using the SEPA direct debit procedure allows companies to process either a one-off payment or repeated payments by their customers within the Euro region.

This means that the SEPA direct debit procedure counts among the most important means of payment for companies wishing to expand their business activities in Europe.

Our SEPA portal offers you a simple processing solution for your SEPA direct debits. It is particularly suitable for the area of eCommerce and processing subscription payments.


IBAN4U for Developers

You can use IBAN4U Open Banking Sandbox for testing and development purposes of PSD2 APIs with mocked data. One of PSD2 key points is to allow, or, more specifically, to make all payment service providers implement specific APIs to enable sharing of basic customer account information - only with explicitly expressed customer’s consent - with other financial institutions in order to initiate payments.

  • Accounts - to exchange information on account details, balance data and transaction list.
  • Payments – to exchange data on payment information, authorization request, payment initiation status etc.
  • Consents - to manage, create, authenticate and delete the consents for APIs usage.
  • Funds confirmations – to send confirmation of available funds, required to cover transaction.

Use our APIs to your advantage! FORPOST system is open for integration with any external systems. Used standards and technologies allow faster integrations/connections with/to IBAN4U.

Paymentworld Europe Ltd provides a standard list of API functions to all financial institutions – users of IBAN4U. However, it is far from limited. You can develop your own functions and add them to API set, in this case PL/SQL developer input is required to do so. We can also develop custom services to bring your business idea to life.


Become a Partner


Independent Sales Organization or Sales Agent

Independent sales organizations or sales agents can earn extra income by becoming a referral partner of Paymentworld Europe Ltd. All you need to do is refer one of your business clients, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Paymentworld agents appreciate our experience and range of services. This gives us more ways to say "yes" to customers. In fact, Paymentworld has the resources and technical capabilities to provide comprehensive payment solutions including:

  • Credit, debit, and recurring payments
  • Mobile solutions on wireless and over 400 different Smartphones
  • POS solutions
  • eWallet Solutions
  • As an Independent Sales Agent you will also benefit from revenue share programs based on true net costs

The team

Jens Podewski

CEO/Managing Director and founder of Paymentworld

Jens Podewski is your specialist for the international credit card market as well as other payment processes. He has a global network of contacts and will gladly answer all questions you may have regarding security standards, regulations and business development.

As a banker, Jens Podewski has over 25 years of experience in the financial sector.

After completing his professional training, he worked in the financial sector of the Otto Group with his last position as Head of Trade Finance.

Stefan Hänel

CFO/Managing Director and founder of Paymentworld

His many years of experience in the capital market and strong finance management background makes Stefan Hänel the strategy expert at Paymentworld. Areas of specialization are his expertise in the global capital market, financing issues and sales. He is happy to implement his comprehensive knowledge and his international contacts on your behalf.

Stefan Hänel is a qualified business economist. Since the first semester, his passion has been the capital market and supporting business partners and colleagues in the implementation of solutions.

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